Ownership Matters

We Work for You

Four independent owners built Courtyard at Mt Tabor over two decades ago. With greater than 40 years combined experience in retirement living, they truly understand the value placed on each decision made. Courtyard’s owners take great pride in their community and know the culture is set from the top. Around here, we understand the “top” is the residents themselves. To us, it is the little things that matter and we are extremely proud of what a difference that independence makes to each life we touch.


Chef’s Chat

Residents and our chefs come together to discuss what items they want to see (and what they do not) on the following month’s menus.

September 2014 045

Resident Town Hall with JJ

At each of these meetings, Courtyard residents meet to hear community news that applies to each of their daily lives. While there, they are also able to address any topic they wish.

October 2014 044

Resident Council Meetings

Some subjects are more area specific, but just as important to our residents. Once a month, each floor enjoys their own communal meeting to discuss the items specific to their wing.

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