Living a Vibrant Life® at any age is a life worth living.

The key to living is to live vibrantly at Courtyard at Mount Tabor!

At Courtyard at Mount Tabor, our residents take part in Vibrant Life®, an innovative program allowing residents to create their own schedules.

Thoughtfully designed to connect you with family, friends and the community, our Vibrant Life® program truly inspires, challenges – even dares you to be adventurous. With a host of optional outings, you create your own schedule based on your interests, preferences, routines and abilities.

Want To Play for a Day?

Discover What Senior Fitness Options Await You at Courtyard at Mount Tabor!

Our wellness program allows our residents to take back their power. From yoga to strength conditioning and balance, swimming to “Dance Party,” we have something for everyone. Whether you prefer sessions with our certified trainer, individual workouts in our fitness center, Wii Sports or group classes with friends, we provide options to meet your needs. Our state-of-the-art gym offers exercise equipment specifically designed to meet the needs of our residents. At Courtyard at Mount Tabor, you have every possible option to feed the body, mind and soul.

Would you like a complimentary 24-hour pass to our health club?

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  • Be Inspired – Gain a deeper sense of spirituality and feed the soul!

  • Be Well – Intellectual stimulation, get moving and stay active!

  • Be Challenged – Ignite competitive spirit, learn, grow and be motivated!

  • Be Adventurous – Try something new every day, explore and experience the unique!

  • Be Family – Cherish family connections, share and continue family traditions!

  • Be Social – Embrace friendships, celebrate the moments, talk, laugh and listen!

  • Be Connected – Engage in meaningful community involvement, share experiences and expertise!

Now this is living ... senior living!

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