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Courtyard at Mt Tabor’s wellness program is where residents turn to take back their power. From yoga to strength and balance, swimming to “Dance Party”, our wellness program offers something for everyone. Whether you prefer sessions with our certified trainer, individual workouts in our fitness center, Wii Sports or group classes with friends, we provide options ranging from chair classes to wellness speakers. Our state of the art gym offers exercise equipment specifically designed to meet the needs of our residents. At Courtyard at Mt Tabor, you have every possible option to feed the body, mind and soul.

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Mission Statement

“To optimize health and well-being by passionately promoting a Vibrant Life filled with joyful experience, meaningful endeavors, and abundant opportunities to connect with family, friends and the local community.”

Vibrant Life® is an innovative approach designed for enhancing and enriching residents’ lives across seven core components for well-rounded and meaningful experiences. These core components provide the balanced structure for implementing diversity across the Vibrant Life® program. Just as in the tag line for the program, “Be Vibrant. Be You,” the core components take the active label of “Be…” in each title descriptor for emphasis on action by our residents embracing a truly Vibrant Life®



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