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Portland Senior Activities & Events for Retirement Living in Portland

Courtyard at Mt Tabor’s Vibrant Life Program offers unparalleled Portland senior activities, outing and events

Senior Living Activities

Meaningful Portland Seniors Activities, Outings and Events

Courtyard at Mt. Tabor’s Vibrant Life program is unparalleled, offering upwards of 15-20 Portland senior activities daily campus-wide. From outings such as the Tulip Festival or the Symphony, to events such as our Concerts for a Cause, Calypso Party or Casino Night, our residents are never without opportunity to explore and enjoy. Coupled with activities including Red Hat Society teas, dominoes, movie nights and poker games, and you will be able to enjoy old favorites or can venture into something new. Our monthly calendar is always evolving based on the changing interests of those who live here. Heard of a new game? Interested in hearing a new speaker series? All you have to do is ask. We constantly strive to create exciting opportunities to entice and challenge. Looking for less scheduled options? Good conversation and great times can be found at any of our many, beautiful common living spaces, hair salons, Theater or Billiard and activity rooms. Looking for friends to join for evening entertainment? Join us multiple times a week for Happy Hour entertainment or find friends enjoying cocktails, sports or national televised events in the Reservoir Lounge.

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Mission Statement

“To optimize health and well-being by passionately promoting a Vibrant Life filled with joyful experience, meaningful endeavors, and abundant opportunities to connect with family, friends and the local community.”

Vibrant Life® is an innovative approach designed for enhancing and enriching residents’ lives across seven core components for well-rounded and meaningful experiences. These core components provide the balanced structure for implementing diversity across the Vibrant Life® program. Just as in the tag line for the program, “Be Vibrant. Be You,” the core components take the active label of “Be…” in each title descriptor for emphasis on action by our residents embracing a truly Vibrant Life®

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